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The Champion Chronicles

YA Fantasy Series

The Red Hand

(Book 1)

A slave turned thief suddenly finds herself in the middle of a war between the ancient gods and a corrupted champion when she becomes the new champion to the goddess of death and magic.

The Fire Heart

(Book 2)

The champion to the goddess of death and magic is recruited by a company of Dwarves to help save their kingdom after a colony of humans are discovered taking over their lands, however it is quickly discovered that these Dwarves may not be as reliable as they say.

The Enlightened Star

(Book 3)

The champion to the goddess of death and magic travels northward to the temple of the god of warriors and light as invaders arrive on their shores threatening to destroy the delicate peace they've worked so hard for, their world comes crashing down when the first champion returns and the champions lose one of their own.

The Ice Blade

(Book 4)

Following the events of the Enlightened Star, the champions must work together to fight back the invaders and restore balance, but it will be an uphill climb as their strongest member has disappeared and it turns out the first champion wasn't alone.

The Makings of a Champion

(Book 5)

In this prequel, a young champion must find his true path to becoming the Ice Blade and champion to the god of warriors and light, while also defeating his inner demons that threaten to force him into a life of exile and despair.

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Cover Coming Soon

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Cover Coming Soon

Cover Coming Soon


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