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Available Works

Real & Legit Detective Agency: Murder at Corasol Manor

(Comedic Interactive Story)

Upon a scandalous murder at a socialite’s party, the newest detective at Real & Legit Detective Agency, must interrogate the guests and discover the truth, all while being judged and mocked by a sassy narrator that only they can hear.

Dead Fall

(YA Urban Fantasy Novel)

A cult sets their eyes on a young witch when she shows promise for becoming a host to their ancient lords, but she fights back as she attempts to unmask her friend’s killer.

~750 Pages  -Finished and Querying-


(YA Sci-Fi Novel)

When the world has flooded, humankind has learned to survive in floating cities, but with the tides creeping upon them a social outcast follows a strange signal into the long forgotten submerged cites in search of not only her parents but also acceptance.

-First Draft in Progress-


Cover Coming Soon

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